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Fremont police department and view the scenes from all of her movies.

She knows that Joy is itching for her to leave the show so that she can become the moderator, so while she's in the position she does everything possible to piss her off,' one source said.'Whoopi told one of the producers, "Joy wants my gig but she’s going to have to work really hard to get it.Barbara Walters never made her the moderator for a reason".' Hostin - a former CNN legal analyst - was a popular guest host all last year on The View and joined the talk show as a full time contributor this season.Ted, 65, dated 57-year-old Whoopi for a year in the early ’90s after they met on the set of their movie “Made in America.” When they began their affair, the “Cheers” star was married to his wife Casey, but Ted was so in love with the comedian that he left his family home and moved into a hotel with her.They made plans to wed as soon as he could get a divorce, but under pressure from his parents, he dumped Whoopi, say sources, shattering her heart. But as the ENQUIRER reported, that didn’t stop him from enjoying a brief reunion with Whoopi — a steamy fling in an upstairs room at Hollywood’s House of Blues.

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