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In March 1958, Conrad Hilton opened a a 25-floor hotel in Havana, Cuba.

With more than 500 rooms and a casino, that was largest hotel in Latin America at the time.

Hilton sported a pair of intricately bejeweled oversized sunglasses as she gazed into the camera for a mid-flight selfie.

Her low cut green top appeared to be equally as bedazzled and showed off her chest which was adorned with glitter.

Foam & Diamonds is one of the most incredible projects that I’ve worked on in my musical career.

According to the authorities who set out to confirm Kim's situation after the whole "Korean Paris Hilton" controversy, Kim's parents are not wealthy enough to be able to provide Kim with billions of KRW (approx. Also, Kim, who was introduced as an unmarried woman on-air, has been revealed to be married to a husband working a white-collar job, meaning that her husband is not extremely wealthy either.

Now though, after this whole ordeal, it has been revealed that "Korean Paris Hilton" was likely just a television concept to fire up viewers.

Kim stated, "" If this turns out to be true, then there is a great possibility that there will be grave consequences for the creators of the show.

Kim is currently residing in Japan and has expressed her desire to explain the situation once she returns to Korea.

Even if it turns out that the producers of "Tent in the City" were deceived by Kim, and not the other way around, the producers will still be criticized for not checking the authenticity of the content in advance.

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