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And of course, we've all seen aunties (matchmakers), online matrimonial sites (, and and matrimonial events (like speed dating and networking events where the goal is a life mate, not a date).ABGKS Therefore: The conversations that are carried out with the intention of making others fall into sin (lustful conversations), such as explaining or describing sexual acts and scenes, are haram.176 – Question: Is it allowed for a man to talk to a non-Mahram woman who wants to speak to him in a lustful manner?However, while the wedding celebrations might be quite different, Islam has some teachings about the rules and obligations within marriages that are upheld by Muslims regardless of their nationalities or ethnicities.Many Muslims consider the religious ceremony, and not the legal registration, to be the actual wedding.However, like many of my South Asian Muslim friends' parents, they're particular about the practice of their religion.

BGKLMS 173 – Rule: It is Makruh to speak to non-Mahram women, unless it is in the case of a necessity, especially if the one being spoken to is a young woman.GKLM 174 – Rule: If a man knows that by speaking to a non-Mahram woman, he will fall into sin, then he must not speak to her; whether the woman speaks in such a way that she lures him into sin, or the topic is such that the man falls into sin.BGKLMS 175 – Rule: It is haram for a man to speak to a non-Mahram woman with the intention of making her fall into sin.1 – Rule: Men are permitted to look at the entire body of other men except the private parts, with the condition that it is not done with the intention of lust or seeking sexual pleasure.ABGKLMST Therefore: It is haram to look at any part of the body of another man, even the face and arms, if it is done with the intention of lust or seeking sexual pleasure.

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